Paris, France Interview

(bold letters are Trevor Luebe’s responses)
Trevor, I am friends with your cousin Jenna Rott, and I just saw her Facebook status about how you were at the soccer game in Paris during the attacks. First of all I am glad to hear you are safe! I am in a reporting class at UNI and I was wondering if you would be willing to share what you experienced that Friday at the game and what the environment was like after the attacks took place, if you don’t I completely understand. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Sincerely, Aaron Van Maanen
Yeah i can do that! 
Thank you so much, Trevor! What was your initial reaction at the game, did people know what was going on? What was the environment like as you left the game?
When we heard the first bomb, people thought it was part of the game. It wasn’t until the second bomb that you could tell that people were a little worried. After the first half, my roommate got a text from a friend in france and she said that there was a shooting. As the match progressed we learned a little more but were still in the dark. With a minute left in the extra minutes we were told to leave. We started walking down the road to the metro and then suddenly everyone turned around and started running. I grabbed my friend and we ran. As we ran with the crowd I could hear people screaming and left behind shoes, bags and other items. We walked down another road and people started to calm down and try to figure out what was happening. We were escorted by police on the sides of the road and as we approached the metro two buses full of military soldiers passed by. We got closer to the metro and there was a barricade of police cars and policemen with rifles. We go up the ramp for the metro and get in. We arrive at the metro stop Gare de Nord and as we wait five people come running down the stairs yellign “close the doors close the doors!” the doors shut and everyone ducked and the metro took off. I live next to the shootings so I wasn’t able to go home so I ended up staying with a friend in my program with my roommate.
Oh my goodness. I’m so glad you and your roommate are okay, man. Thank you so much for sharing, you and everyone in Paris are in my and so many others prayers. Thanks again for being willing to share your experience, would you be comfortable if I posted some of your quotes on my blog for this class? If not I absolutely won’t.
no problem and i give you permission! glad i could help
Thank you so much Trevor! Stay safe and I hope you have a good rest of your trip.
thank you! and it was no problem!

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