Class Notes 11/17

Paris Attacks

  • 6 different locations, 8 suicide bombers and gunmen
  • ISIS claimed the attacks
  • Released a video saying there will be an attack in Washington DC
  • What would be one framework/story angle where we can examine this?
    • People who were affected by the attacks here in Cedar Falls (local impact)- what would we try and get out of the story?
      • Send the reporter to get an interview with someone who has family in France or someone who was planning on visiting France
      • Using personal networks to find a lady who works at John Deere who was working in France- but how would you find that lady?
      • Contacting high school French teachers, other leads, students who have visited France in the last year
  • Started my search at 9:58 AM, got my first response at 10:05 AM
  • I messaged Trevor Luebe on Facebook, a mutual friend posted a Facebook status on how he was attending the soccer game during the attack.
  • His first response to my message was “Yeah i can do that!”
  • I did not want to overload him with questions, but I asked ones that would prompt in-depth responses.
    • What was your initial reaction at the game, did people know what was going on? What was the environment like as you left the game?

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