Class Notes 10/12

Missouri Threats

  • Protests continue

Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Assaults Student Journalist

  • “You need to back up if you’re with the media”
  • “You don’t have the right to take our photos”
  • He is explaining that the first amendment protects his write and hers to be there
  • So many people are forcing him to leave and he is keeping his cool while the others are being aggressive
  • “You’re an unethical reporter”
  • “You lost this fight just leave”
  • “Well then we will just block you”
  • Groups were chanting “go”
  • “How about humanity and respect”
  • “I’m sorry these are people too, back off”
  • “We’ll call the police on you.” “You can’t, the first amendment protects us both”
  • “They have an education to get and a life to live”
  • Mizzou has an incredible journalism program and this is happening
  • “They just want to be together, and you are here infringing on what they need, to be alone”
  • “Just put the sign in his face”
  • “They’ll change the story on you.”- when the guy almost has an altercation with the journalist and his friend gets him to stop
  • “I’m being pushed, it’s our right to walk forward.”
  • “I need some muscle over here, who’s going to help me get this reporter out of here.”
  • “You can go”
  • “This is public property.” -then the professor mocked him
  • “He shouldn’t be here, don’t let him back in”
  • “Media, please stay off the grass”-dumb person
  • The reporter responded admirably, keeping his cool and just tries to document history.

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