Class Notes 11/10

Black Hawk County Press Release

  • First paragraph details the information of Cedar Falls and Waterloo’s runoff elections
  • The next paragraph explains how Jon Crews dropped out of the runoff, but explains how his name will still be on the ballot because there is no prevision in Iowa law for canceling or withdrawing from a runoff election.
  • Next election will be on a Tuesday once again. December 2nd, 2015
  • People could just assume Jim Brown will win and not vote for him, allowing another candidate the chance to win
  • If Jon Crews wins the election and still gets elected, he does not have to stay in office. The routine that would be followed, we’d forget all about the fact of the runoff, the city council would either hold another election or appoint somebody.
  • We could have Jon Crews with the most votes and still not have a mayor, they would have to appoint somebody.
  • We estimated the runoff election would be about $20,000
  • Monday people will be in town to vote on Tuesday, something to do with the ability for people to travel

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