Cedar Falls Mayoral Elections Essay

The Cedar Falls election was held on November 3rd, 2015. The three candidates for mayor were Jon Crews, Jim Brown, and David Haltermann. It was an exciting night of anxiously waiting for the results, and the conclusion did not surprise many. There was going to be a run-off election between Jim Brown and Jon Crews. There was an unofficial count from Tuesday’s election and it showed that Brown had beat Crews by nearly 700 votes, but neither candidate won the majority and the town of Cedar Falls was going to have to prepare to vote once more in December. After a few days, shocking information was reported regarding Jon Crews’ status in the run-off election.

The WCF Courier covered the breaking story. With an attention grabbing headline of “Jon Crews is calling it a career,” it drew many views from Cedar Falls residents. Crews was faced with a difficult decision, and was able to discuss it with his campaign co-chairs before reaching a decision. “It’s hard to leave a job you love,” Crews stated emotionally. “I’ve enjoyed immensely the job and I feel good about what’s happened in Cedar Falls. I can leave with my head held high. We’re in good shape. Very good shape. Truthfully, a lot of cities would trade places with us in a heartbeat,” said Crews. This interview was hard for Crews to get through, and reporters expressed how his voice was breaking throughout his responses. “This campaign was going to be the last one. There’s some projects to retire to and family to see more of. That was the plan.”

Crews gained many supporters over the span of his career as mayor of Cedar Falls, and many urged him to continue with the campaign. Crews met with Jim Brown to inform him of the decision, and he wanted to ensure a smooth transition for Brown to become the next mayor. The Courier was able to hold an interview with Brown as well. “”I’m humbled. He’s been such a good public servant. It’s humbling to me in terms of his trust, in relation to letting go. I’ve know Jon outside of politics. I’ve seen him in public. He’s a good guy. We can look at Cedar Falls and point to him for a lot of that success,” said Brown.

With the decision of dropping out of the race, the runoff election is still going to happen. Crews’ name will still appear on the ballot, and he encourages all of Jim Brown’s supporters to return to vote, as it is still very important. “He needs to get his supporters out to vote that day,” Crews said. “Jim is inheriting a good city. I know he knows that.” Crews also had a very respectful statement in regards to Jim Brown and the citizens of Cedar Falls. “I extend my best wishes to Mr. Brown. I pray that his commitment to the office of mayor and to the citizens of Cedar Falls will continue the legacy of progress that has been set. To every resident, whether supporting me or not, I wish you well. I sincerely thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me,” Crews said.

After serving as mayor for 30 of the last 44 years, it is time for Cruz to hand the baton to the next great leader of Cedar Falls. He plans on helping his wife with her foundation and spending time with his growing mixed family. Crews helped make Cedar Falls is what it is today, and now Jim Brown will continue his legacy.


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