Blog Post #9

New York City man arrested five years after wife’s death


New York City is known for it’s wild city life. As with any city, there are potential dangers that come with it. Most people fear gang violence in cities like New York, but there are often many white collar crimes that take place and garner just as much attention. You don’t fear New York because of the wealthy citizens committing crimes, but it happens nearly as much as the blue collar crimes. Recently an article came out about a man who was arrested five years after his wife’s death. I knew instantly that their had to be ulterior motives to the possible murder, and they were so clear it was almost mystifying why the arrest happened so late. I am planning on studying in the New York area and coming from midwest Iowa, I will have to get used to hearing about these happenings in the news. I am not excited about this, and neither is my mother, but these kinds of murders leave me wondering. What could possibly lead a husband to kill his wife, when they have been married for years with two children? The details are clearly stated in the article.

The couple had been going through a bitter divorce, something that should tip off officials during the investigation. I feel like the husband should be a primary suspect during an investigation such as this, especially after the next information released in the article. The investigators initially believed the death was an accident, but after they exhumed the body and performed an autopsy it was revealed that she had been strangled. The next bit of information is what I believe should have confirmed the suspect of the investigation being the father. The day after her death, she had a planned meeting with to make changes to her will. “She was fearful for her life, believed Rod intended to kill her, and there was some urgency to make changes in her will,” according to court papers filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, which handles estates. I don’t know how this information could have delayed the arrest of the father, although investigators were thrown off by a wound on the back of the neck of the victim. They believed that she had possibly slipped and fallen, causing her to wound her head and drown in the tub.

The saddest piece of information from the article came next. Their daughter, nine years old at the time, found her lifeless mother in the tub. There are so many reasons that make this article sad and distressing, but the fact that their innocent daughter found the victim’s body takes it to a new level. The scarring of their mother being murdered is enough to trouble them for a lifetime, but having to experience it in person is the most terrible thing that could have happened to that poor girl.

After I was upset by the last information I had found, I was stunned at what I read next. Her Jewish Orthodox family had rejected an autopsy initially, which resulted in the cause of her death being undetermined. After the investigation began, the family agreed to allow her body to be exhumed and an autopsy had taken place. I now realize why the husband was able to be free of any accusations because he was saved by the family’s rejection of the autopsy. The family has now spoken out against him, calling him an animal. They are now currently fighting him for custody of the children, and I truly hope they win so the kids will be able to grow up in a safe and loving family. Currently his guardianship was suspended when the investigation began, which is good for the children whether or not he is guilty. Kids do not deserve to be involved in adult situations such as these, especially in their case. Roderick Covlin’s lawyer said his client was “stunned” by the Sunday arrest. “There can be no credible evidence, because he did not kill his wife,” Gottlieb said after a brief court appearance.

This is yet another heartbreaking article that was hard to read at times. It is just hard to fathom how the family could ever move on from such a terrible tragedy, and there have been so many turns in the five years since the accident. I hope the best for the family and for the children, they deserve a life of love and happiness. I plan on trying to stay up to date with the story because I am curious what the investigation will lead to.



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