Class Notes 10/15

Jon T. Crews:

  • Running for mayor
  • Address: 4815 Algonquin Dr. #3 Cedar Falls IA, 50613. Black Hawk county.
  • Candidate’s phone: 319-830-7075
  • Email:
  • Found his public Facebook account, very respectful. Has a wife, very involved in the community.
  • Searched his address and found out that he lives in an apartament in GreenHill Town homes
  • He does not live in a home like Jim Brown does, his wife is the co-owner of the apartment
  • Has a website
    • About Jon Crews: Born and Raised in Cedar Falls, was a Cedar Falls High School graduate, and attended West Point after high school. He served four and a half years in the U.S. Army active reserves while attending the University of Northern Iowa. He graduated with a teaching degree in 1970 and was first elected Mayor of Cedar Falls in 1971. At the end of this year, Jon will have served 30 years in the role.
    • His wife Ronelle was born and raised in South Africa where she received her doctoral degree.

David Halterman:

  • Address: 4108 Heritage Rd Cedar Falls, IA, 50613. Black Hawk County
  • Candidate’s Phone: 319-404-2285
  • Candidate’s email:
  • David Halterman has had speeding tickets and has been pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt
  • David Halterman has a semi-private Facebook page, and does not seem to advertise for his campaign near as much as they other candidates
  • Has been called a “Horse’s Ass”
  • Seemed very friendly on the phone- told the class to approach him and ask any questions that we might have.
  • Can not find near as much information on him, seems like the least likely candidate during this campaign.

Will be attending David Halterman’s election parties on November 3rd


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