Class Notes- 10/13

Jim Brown:

Today in class we researched Jim Brown in detail. With the election approaching we wanted to gain more knowledge on the individual candidates wanting to lead the city of Cedar Falls. We were able to locate his Affidavit of Candidacy, and having located his information we were able to research into his personal life. At first it seemed like an invasion of privacy, but I realized that many journalists do the same to ensure the man/woman you are electing is who they say they are.

First we obtained is home address, and searching through Black Hawk County’s Property records, we were literally able to see every detail of his home. From how many bathrooms to having a fireplace, in the short 10 minutes of research I feel like I had been to his home before. There was even an entire layout of the home, which was alarming at first. We were also able to learn his wife’s name because her name was on the lease of the home, and we found who owned the house previously. Little details that I wouldn’t think I would ever need to know appeared, and that is something journalists would thrive for. I did not feel fully comfortable looking through this information but I understand its importance.

We then searched for his name on to see if he had any divorces or infringements with the law. After narrowing down the search due to his very common name, we arrived with many results dating back to the 1940’s. We realized that none of the results were from the James Brown we were searching for, which is a good thing for him. He had no court dates or issues which will be very beneficial when he is campaigning for mayor. I feel as if he had, many journalists would bring his faults to light and that would be detrimental to his campaign.

I then searched him on FaceBook and immediately found his very private personal page. I then searched and found a public “Jim Brown for Mayor” page and there was a very personable campaign site. His slogan is “It’s Time.” “I also believe the position should be one of advocating and communicating with the public. I’ve witnessed much frustration over the past couple of years; the mayor should be the one letting folks know what’s coming and the process involved,” said Brown. He shows that he is very much a family man, with many personal photos of his wife and daughters, showing he is very modern and relational oriented. From his Facebook page he seems like a great guy, willing to volunteer and help out in Cedar Falls wherever he can. I feel like from just researching him I would consider voting for him.


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