Class Notes 10/6

Mikayla’s Project:

  • Great photo of watch and coffee mug
  • Candid photo of studying with roommates
  • Filing cabinet?
  • Not sure what some of the photos are
  • Another photo of a calendar-like object
  • SAA name tag
  • Heel shoes
  • Cow pillow case
  • Can tell she is busy and involved, can tell she’s in college. Has a playful streak (shoes). Order is important. Likes to have fun after work is done. Has unique objects that she cherishes, tender hearted.

Photo Illicitation: the watch? Sentimental, always time oriented as well. Making sure she is always organized and on time.

The blue thing: Norwegian and live in Decorah, so much Norwegian art. Rose Molly: grew up with it, her grandma lives next to the Norwegian museum, has always had knowledge of her ancestors. It was a gift from her grandparents, very important to her. Reminds her of her grandfather who passed away last year. So much emotion packaged inside of it, relationships with her family.

Pillow: she got it in the 4th grade, she spent the whole year traveling Iowa as the Iowa Dairy princess, she likes engaging people about why she thinks dairy is important, one of her fun objects that also holds a lot of meaning.

The second calendar wasn’t a calendar: “Happiness is….” she makes memories and writes them in her book to hold onto them.

Shoes pictures: She loves country music, the song “red high heels” influenced her to get new red high heels as she grew throughout life. Kellie Pickler: original source for the inspiration of the picture.

Elizabeth’s Photo’s:

  • Loves Frosted Flakes
  • Eating chips and salsa, drinking beer while watching football
  • Sleeping
  • Roasted Marshmallow
  • Dog stuffed animal
  • Drinking games
  • American flag
  • Very organized, many different notes
  • Multiple photographs from her past
  • Driving with her friends?

Our assumptions: She is very outgoing and fun but at the same time is very organized. Seems really easy going, go with the flow. Spends a lot of time with friends being social. She likes to eat, playful. Deep spirituality about her, deeply very sensitive. She likes photography, sensitive, likes to have fun, social.

What the photos mean to Elizabeth:

American flag: I have always loved American flags, they stand for a lot. It is a photo of my home away from home, where I am most of the time. She cares about the environment and what surrounds her.

Most of your pieces were very tight shots, detail shots. Elizabeth appears to be a more experienced photographer by taking pictures of with a wider perspective and gets more space covered in her photos. Makes you feel like you’re there.

Highway picture: Highway 20, runs from Cedar Falls across Iowa to Sioux City, straight shot. Drive this once or twice a month whenever I go home. Grew up in Sioux City, means a lot that I get to travel the backroads of the Midwest. Went to school in Missouri before, in the city, and I did not enjoy it. Her boyfriend grew up in Waterloo and they met in Sioux City, and he works on Highway 20. They joke about why she didn’t stop and say hi when she drove on highway 20. Make highway 20 more personal and meaningful.

Entry and closing shots are important, first shows her face and then closes with her back.

Frosted Flakes: no exact meaning. Her touch on creativity. Do fun stuff with photography, huge box of Frosted flakes, her dad and her ate frosted flakes growing up and the small things they connected on she has continued in college.

Marshmallow: Not a whole lot of meaning, but a play on her perfectionism. She wanted to get it perfectly golden. She does have a soft sensitive side but doesn’t show it, different exterior portraying to others. Lot’s of meaning behind a picture of a marshmallow.

Ashtin’s Photo’s:

  • Giving blood/plasma
  • Baseball diamond
  • Photo of a tree and leaves
  • Highway 20 East
  • Lang Hall entry
  • Photos with friends
  • Running shoes and pavement
  • Really cool photo of street sign
  • “You are not alone”
  • Cat photo

Our assumptions: Enjoys being outside, caring, personal attachment to where she came from, surrounds themselves with images that give them comfort.

Street signs: Cross between Barker Avenue, very close to her house. Woke up at 6:30 on saturday to get the sunrise, wanted to represent her house but not just take a picture of the house. Understanding texture and color.

Think more about orientation. Most photos should be horizontal. Be wary of busy photos, can steal the spotlight. Perspective, background, composition.

Blood draw: Usually gives blood whenever she can, it’s an easy way to help people. If we could, why wouldn’t we? Went home and gave blood, tried earlier but her iron was too low. She doesn’t want them to take photos of her, she doesn’t want the acknowledgement.

Arm is cutting across the photo, look for natural pointers or guides, to take the eye naturally to the end of the shot. A very interesting way to learn about to photography is to have your own photography critiqued.

We did well on figuring her out as a person, the blood donor picture is maybe the most important to her, she is very caring and passionate about it. Likes getting the mix of UNI and home. Also loves cats. Couldn’t corral the dogs so she got a picture of “Wrigley.”

Lucas’s photos:

  • Went home to his farm, picture of the farm
  • Shooting a gun in a arena
  • Photo with a car
  • Glass of beer
  • NBC News for the Iowa game
  • Dressed up
  • Photo with random wall in Arkansas
  • Photo of smoking
  • Photos with friends

Our assumptions: Likes to have fun, prankster, very social, very caring person, doesn’t necessarily show it but the bottom picture of the farm is very character revealing. Friends and family oriented. No detailed pictures, just relationships. Believes in the second ammendment- gun photo.

Art wall photo: internship in Texas, went up to Arkansas for meeting. Liking to travel and see cool things.

Farm photo: helps his grandpa and family.

Dressed up photo: had a meeting in kansas city, at a brewery recently to celebrate the work.

Beer: had a drink with his mom this weekend. Talked about school and everything, plans for the night. Mom drinks with him but his dad doesn’t. Would’ve been great to have mother in the photo.


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