Class Notes 9/24

Fight or Flight: W-SR teachers learn to respond to armed intruders with ALICE

  • First run-through ended with a lot of deaths.
  • Now the teachers are being equipped to be prepared for intruders with ALICE
  • Second run-through proved to be more successful, with the teachers using the new equipment
  • That was all a drill- a pseudo event, something that’s engineered, orchestrated, produced to give people a closer experience to a real situation. Nobody knows how they would actually act when the situation actually happens.
  • As a journalist you write a story like this- different scenarios led to many different reactions from the teachers. Is it important to do training like this? Absolutely. Will humans always take it seriously? No, in your mind it’s all fake- not getting genuine reactions.
  • The way people use your journalism is not up to you.

White House Correspondents Dinner: Cecily Strong

  • First joke: already made a joke about who should be the next president- Hillary Clinton
  • The “ethnically ambiguous girl from every college brochure”- diversity
  • Hillary Clinton’s announcement video
    • Balanced for gender and for age, but no disabilities?
  • Talking about gay comedians, straight people making comments about gay people “Straight people-we’ve finally made it.”
  • “I’m going to go easy on you because my brain is smaller”- making jokes that women are more inferior than men.
  • Jab at Joel McHale for too provocative of jokes
  • Joke at Joe Biden’s massages, lot of stories where Joe Biden was rubbing the shoulders of German Chancellor Angela Marco
  • Bernie Frank- openly gay senator in Washington, no famous pizza from Indiana because of him- businesses refuse to cater to gay couple
  • Women’s rights and abortions joke- government telling women what to do with their bodies
  • C-Span jokes, only one camera, broadcast in real time. Broadcast the workings of the government, nobody watches of course
  • Washington Hilton- congressman and prostitute jokes
  • Washington Hilton- “man if these walls could talk- they’d probably say clean me.”
  • Secret Service joke- not received well by Obama, “bellhops- finally some good security.”
  • Secret Service is the only law enforcement agency that will get in trouble if a black man gets shot.
  • MSNBC jail shows
  • FoxNews has been losing a lot of viewers lately- RIP
  • CNN- Anthony Gourdain eat a cricket
  • Huffington Post- partnership with AOL
  • Buzzfeed- list of why they shouldn’t be there
  • USA Today- here because they were slipped under the hotel door
  • NBC- us at SNL got in trouble for dealing with ISIS, if anyone should get in trouble for not taking ISIS seriously is Obama
  • Brian Williams- what can I say? Nothing, because I work for NBC.
  • Don Lemon- gay and black anchor.
  • Game of Thrones- haven’t seen this many nerds before.
  • Hillary Clinton and her emails, blackberry thrower
  • Aaron Schock- vacation photos
  • Harry Reed- being a senator is a punching bag
  • Bringing a snow ball to congress
  • Tom Cotton- is a US Senator, not a rabbit
  • It’s been a great year for women- as always. Hobby Lobby
  • The big story- the Republicans forcing Obama out in 18 months
  • Hillary compared to Meryl Streep
  • Media invariably covering women- do not cover Hillary’s appearance- because that is not journalism

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