9/11 Commission Report: Video vs. Document

After watching the official commission report video and reading a chapter of the written commission report, I realized that they are similar but also vastly different. The video allows you to connect emotionally with the tragedy, with clips of the actual World Trade Centers being hit by the planes to even showing airport footage of the terrorists getting ready to board the planes. It left little to the imagination and you were able to be drawn in through the emotion of interviews and live footage. The written report connected me to the story in a way I felt like I knew every detail. The written commission report is so precise, down to the details of what time the terrorists stepped foot in the airport to the exact time the cockpit was overrun. It got to a point where the details became so minute they seemed unnecessary, but I was unconsciously gaining so much more knowledge about the tragedy on a different level.

Both of the forms of the Commission report are very effective, and they were done very well due to the level of importance. I guarantee that if people who remember the tragedy watch or read the commission report, it will bring back all of the memories and there won’t be a dry eye after the fact. Both of the reports get the job done, but I preferred the visual commission report due to the emotionally driven force behind it.


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