What are you thinking about?

During my interview process, I tried to find people who would seemingly have the most interesting stories/ thoughts on their mind. I was turned down multiple times, some due to lack of the english language, and some just because they did not want to be interviewed. The first person I interviewed was Shane Spooner. I noticed him on the walk over to the library and knew that I wanted to try and interview him first. As I approached he instantly seemed hesitant, but he noticed I was as well which I believed made the situation more comfortable for him. After I asked permission to interview and record him, I asked the question. He responded with “Life in general”. It seems like a normal answer but the way he said it satisfied the question in my mind, because I knew he truly was just thinking about life as he sat on the bench, quiet and alone. I then asked him his age, and he responded with 28 years old. He informed me that he was taking classes to try to become a diesel mechanic. Although it seems like a rather mundane interview, it was most certainly the most exciting of the four I conducted.

After I was rejected multiple times when I knew there would have been interesting stories, I interviewed three students that all had relatively the same answers. Either homework, organizations or the stress school produces. Through this exercise I truly realized how often people will refuse the offer of being interviewed, for varying reasons. In the crunch time of finding someone to interview it has to be very stressful for the journalist to find someone willing that has something remotely interesting to say. It was a successful first attempt at deadline journalism and I am looking forward to getting another opportunity to interview our community.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syOP_aYoNOE


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