Library Coverage Blog and Video

I was not expecting to do another interview activity after the individual interviews. The biggest obstacle I encountered was storage on my phone. After recording the tour guide for a minute my phone stopped recording and a message stating “storage full” appeared on my screen. Trying to not panic and realize how much footage I was missing, I began deleting old videos that were stored on my phone. I tried to begin recording again and after 30 more seconds the recording stopped and the same message appeared once more. I had to take things to the next level, and after deleting two applications from my phone and multiple more videos, I was able to record approximately two minutes of his tour. I felt defeated after he had finished, because I fell short of the requirements due to personal issues of my recording device. I also heard Anelia say “I’m going to save you from yourselves, turn your camera sideways when you record.” I had been holding my phone right-side up the entire time, and had not been getting good footage. When I uploaded the videos to my computer, I realized why Anelia tried to get us to turn our phones. The quality was terrible and did not make for a good interview. I learned many things in the course of the 20 minute struggle I encountered, and will hopefully be more ready the next time I have to am a journalist on the scene.



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