Blog Post #2

Honesty is crucial when it comes to politics. One slip up of truth can lead to a hailstorm of criticism and doubt from onlooking citizens. This behavior will directly relate to the success or downfall of their political career. It is under greater importance when the individual is a potential candidate for presidency or is even currently serving as the president of our country. Historically there have been many instances where presidents have had an encounter with evading the truth and it has not ended well. Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal comes to mind instantly, where being caught in a web of lies ended in his resignation as president. Another president that comes to mind is in close relation to who will be the center of attention in my news blog. Bill Clinton lied under oath about an affair he had been having with a white house intern, which led to his impeachment from his presidential position. Now, with his wife Hillary Clinton running for office, a recent scandal has shone a negative light on her and her trustworthiness. With 31,000 emails deleted, the possibility of those emails being recovered has caught the attention of nearly every news station.

During her time as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton tried to delete over 30,000 emails off of a personal email account. The situation shouldn’t seem that serious, but what it seems to a lot of people that she was trying to hide whatever information was stored in the emails. According to USA Today, “Platte River” has no knowledge of the server being “wiped.” Apparently emails can be deleted and still recovered until the server has been completely wiped. This has led many Republican senators to push for a review of the “nearly-deleted” emails. Platte River Network’s is the Denver Based Firm that has managed Clinton’s networks since 2013, and they are about to undergo a lot of investigation regarding the emails. Not much news has been released, and a local Denver news station was able to get in contact with one of Platte River Network’s spokesmen. “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped,” spokesman Andy Boian told the newspaper.

Clinton has stated the reason for the deletion of the emails, claiming they were personal and did not contain official business. Like I stated in the opening paragraph of my blog, possible untruthful behavior has negative consequences for those in the political spotlight. Clinton has been constantly forced to comment on the issue during multiple interviews with the press. In a moment of either humility or guilt, in a recent interview with ABC News, Clinton apologized and called her use of the server a “mistake”. “I’m trying to be as transparent as I possibly can,” Clinton also told ABC. Clinton also was revered as the inevitable front runner of the 2016 Democratic campaign, but in a recent poll, Clinton is seemingly losing ground against one of her biggest rivals, Senator Bernie Sanders. Whether or not Clinton is losing supporters due to the email scandal is unclear, but I find it hard to believe that the issue is helping her gain any supporters. Republican senators Grassley, of Iowa, and Johnson, of Wisconsin, said Saturday that they will seek a review of the deleted emails if they can be recovered. They are not the only ones, as the FBI has been actively investigating the security of Clinton’s email setup. According to the Inquisitor, when Clinton was asked about the “wiping” of her emails she responded by adding humor. “Like what, with a cloth? I don’t know how it works digitally at all.” Although she was obviously trying to lighten the situation with humor at the time, I don’t believe she understands how that could come back to hurt her in the future if important information is discovered in the emails.

At the end of the day, Clinton obviously has moral standards as she was once the Secretary of State. Power can be abused, and even some of the highest regarded members of our society can make mistakes that will haunt the rest of their careers. I would like to think that all 31,000 of the emails simply contain personal information that would cause no problem with their deletion. We will all soon find out if that is the case, and I can almost guarantee that whatever the content of those emails contained, it will either make or break Clinton’s run at the presidency in 2016.



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