Aylan Kurdi Photo: What would I have done

Death will always be covered in the news. I am certain you will be able to find many different articles on fatalities that happened in the near past on any news site. Some are celebrations of long lives lived and some are tragic because much of life was still left to be lived. A photo that has circulated the news recently is of a little boy named Aylan Kurdi. When I first saw the photo I simply just stared at my computer screen. I did not realize that it was a drowning at first, and when I read the tag line for the article I was overcome with intense emotion. I could not see the little boy’s face but the picture captured exactly what I needed to capture.

If I was the journalist covering the scene of the accident, I would have taken and produced close to the exact picture that circulated the internet. Although you can not see the face, the small frame of his body indicates his approximate age which brings upon the emotional feeling. How could someone see this photo and not feel anything? Sadness is what will build empathetic hearts and could possibly strike a cord in someone learning of the tragedy to do something about it. I would choose not to show the face because although it is still sad, it could be gruesome and keep people from looking and reading farther into the accident. Also being careful to respect the family, that would hinder me from posting a photo of the face of the child.

Multiple journalists had taken photos of Aylan displaying his face. The emotional baggage these pictures possess is indescribable. I know that I personally could not have posted these photos to my own news site for the personal reasons I expressed.


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