Class Notes 9/8

  • Desperate Border Dash: Frustrated migrants break through police lines in Hungary
    • (CNN’s top news story)
    • Drowned Syrian boys (picture of boys being washed up on the beach of Turkey)
      • Multiple bodies have been washing up
  • If you see a potential picture but do not take it for personal reasons, you are betraying your humanity
  • Look deeper into the picture of the drowned boy (homework)
    • Body washed onto shore, laying on the beach, the waves are coming. Imagine if he took a picture from the other side. The only choice that is in front of you is what kind of picture you will take.
    • Describes the child, gives the child a name: very important. Gives the story credibility.
    • Credibility is key, some journalists will try to pose photos to give them that shock value to bring attention to their article or situation. Don’t mean to sound cold, but is it authentic?
  • Europe is not afraid of the refugees, but what the refugees will bring to their country. Muslim community right into their midst, not concerned about religious part but that the government was going to provide subsidies. Taking money away from the people who live there.
  • Photo of people trapped on the train by a fence- Hungary.
  • Pope is allowing to refugee families to live in the Vatican- Cited Mother Theresa
  • In 1996 there was a huge resettlement of Bosnian people in Waterloo- still a large Bosnian population in Waterloo now.
  • Every conflict has a poster picture to initially bring attention
  • Deflategate Scandal: There was not clear cut evidence on the report and Tom Brady’s suspension was lifted.
    • Try and explain this controversy to the refugees struggling in Syria. It completely lacks in comparison.

(More CNN articles)

  • Lion killer returns to work. Cecil the Lion was hunted by the dentist.
  • Governor Cuomo’s lawyer shot in the head.
  • Kim Davis- from Kentucky, she was a clerk and for gay marriage she wouldn’t allow people to get gay couples get married, and she said she would rather go to jail then let it happen. Huckabee went to visit Kim Davis in jail. Surprised that Huckabee is going to visit her. He’s supporting someone who is contempt of court- may hurt his candidacy. What if every clerk in the United States refused to do that, could we function as a society? There is a good reason you have to obey authority and follow certain rules. What if people just decided to not listen to the supreme court, a nation can not be effective with that level of ignorance. There is a place for your beliefs, and then there is a place where you go and provide a service (the government).
  • Cheney: Iran deal is ‘madness’
  • 273 ships not enough for Navy?
  • More body parts found in park: There was a child’s severed foot discovered in Chicago on Saturday, they have now recovered two hands and a head. Now the park will always have a negative connotation with the murder. If no parents are stepping forward, then it has to be foul play.
  • Police: Players ‘blindsided’ official- during a game a team was losing by 35 points and when an official was standing before a snap. First player came in and tackled him into a ground, then second player came in and speared him with his helmet while he was already on the ground.
  • El Chapo got broken out of prison and his son sent out a tweet.
  • Photos of Aylan Kurdi were taken showing some of his face, extremely emotional. Good journalistic exercise to look at the pictures and decide what you would display. Who took the pictures? If I took the pictures what would I choose to share? (homework) 
  • Dan Eldon: Dan was in Somalia reporting and was killed in action by a house bomb. Amy (his sister) wanted to find out why photo journalists do the job they do. She wanted to figure out more about him and his desire to be willing to die to capture a photo.
    • He wasn’t a trained journalist, but was adventurous enough and intrigued enough that he thought his place in the world was where the conflict was.
    • Photo journalists need to be passionate about what they’re doing.
    • You have to have a sense of quest, idealism to pursue something like this that is so dangerous personally but so meaningful in the bigger picture.
    • Other qualities include “drive”, when you go over-seas you have to either have a interpreter or you have to speak the language. You really have to work with people, there are a lot of logistics that go into it.
    • “No story is worth your life” but it’s inevitable. Most of these people are deeply aware of what is going on the world. They are very deeply caring about social issues, issues of justice, existential issues like that. They have a choice. When their assignment is over, they will leave. The people who live their don’t have a choice. They are very aware that the people they are covering don’t have the luxury of getting on a plane and leaving.

Homework: track that picture, write an essay with links. Making decisions of what to photograph. Make arrangements to go on a ride along with a police officer.


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