Reporter Shooting Comments

I reviewed the Youtube video “Shooting on Live TV News at Bridgewater Plaza, Virginia. WDBJ7 Reporter & Photographer Killed.” This video is posted from the YouTube page “Reaction to EVERYTHING”.

The horrific Virginia shootings shook the media, and many people voiced their opinions on Youtube videos. There are people offering sympathy but a majority of the comments are disgustingly negative.

One of the first comments came from Keith Cox: “Corporate whore total fake”. This comment had a response from a different user stating, “THANK YOU! YOU ARE RIGHT!”  I am saddened that people would be so insensitive towards two people who were unfortunately murdered by a man who used to work in the same news station as them. More people had similar comments:


The next comment focused more on race:

“Say it!!!!! Senseless violence by a black thug!!!!! F*cking say it!!! You politically correct bunch of sh*ts.” – Fernando Ceja

Many comments also resonated with the gun control issue debate:

“There should be a background check on gun owners. Restricting most of our rights to bear arms isn’t exactly constitutional though.” -HungryForChoCandy

Next I found a video on CNN titled “Virginia gunman road-rage incident caught on tape”. Once again, many comments claim that the shooting was fake, and many were upset about how it was being handled due to the race of the shooter.

“Another hoaxed shooting. Even my grandmother spotted this one. You clowns are getting sloppy.” -Ghenghy

“This shooting was fake.” -jack moseby


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