Class notes 8/27

  • Do I find myself to be an interesting person?
    • I feel as if I have had an eventful life and have a lot of memories that I was able to turn into stories.
  • Journalists always verify: after you hear a story you must check to see if it is true.
  • Pictures are very important, *a picture is worth a thousand words*
    • Instead of focusing on the narrative, people continue to relate their information by seeing pictures
    • Kelsey’s soccer picture- what words describe it- feelings
    • Photo elicitation- it’s a way of interviewing people and showing them certain artifacts or pictures and then prompting them and asking “what were you thinking at the time?”


  • Novelty/Cute- kid tells Trump he wants to out-Trump him
    • Pseudo event- Shay Doyle, finding the best story possible, more interesting than Trump’s speech.
      • As a reporter- you should never take the word of one person. 
  • Tragedy- September 11th, Aaron Brown CNN live
    • Honors student kidnapped by ISIS- raped and killed (different impact than 9/11)
  • Scandalous Revelations- The disgraced- Jerry Sandusky with Bob Costas
  • Uncovered Scandalous Behavior of Celebrities- Josh Duggar
  • Novelty+Celeb+Relevance- Bruce Jenner, private issues of celebs
  • Heroic Acts- Americans hailed as heroes in Paris train attack
  • Local Hero Overcoming Adversity- Patrol in Afghanistan, lost all 4 limbs.

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